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Learn to Understand E Errors So You Can Correct Your Xbox 360

So here’s the story. You’re sat enjoying blasting things to Kingdom Come on Halo, and suddenly your screen goes mad and starts to seem fuzzy or discoloured. You hope that it’s just your TV having a ‘moment’ and nothing more serious, then- argh! – the game freezes up completely. This is a common problem that every Xbox 360 gamer around the world dreads. However, fear not! There are a number of ways you can correct your Xbox 360 rather quickly. Read more...


Tips And Information For Repairing Xbox 360 Heat Issues

That distant scream you can hear is your fellow Xbox users letting out all of the rage after their systems freeze up. Yeah, you know the dilemma I mean. You’re sat bang in the middle of a game or a film on your Xbox 360 and suddenly modern technology does what modern technology does best- it freezes up. Thankfully, we’re on hand with some tips on making sure you don’t have to deal with problems like this too often. Read more...

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