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Xbox 360 DVD Drive Errors

How To Repair Xbox 360 When You Have A DVD Drive Fault

Is your Xbox freezing up while you're playing games on your Xbox 360? Are you getting a dirty disc error? If so, when there is evidently an issue with your DVD drive. While it's an option to buy a new drive for your console, you can save a bundle of cash by repairing it yourself. So how do you go about doing that? Read more...

How To Remove A Stuck Game With An Xbox 360 Repair Guide

It can be maddening to get a game stuck in your Xbox 360. believe me, we feel your pain. Try to avoid the natural urge to rip it out of your Xbox console system and throw it across the room. You could take it to a console store to get it repaired, or even to Microsoft themselves, but this can be costly. Have you considered fixing it yourself? You could save a bundle by buying or downloading a n Xbox 360 repair guide online. Read more...


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