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Xbox 360 Red Light Repair For When The Power Light Turns Orange

Oh look, the red ring of doom. When you’re having to deal with the ominous red light of insurmountable terror, your power supply light is going to be either red, orange or green. Well, you obviously want it to be green, but if it’s orange you are still not home and dry just yet. Here’s a selection of Xbox 360 red light repair tips for when the power supply light has changed to orange.

An orange light visible on your Xbox’s power supply will occur for two reasons. Either your console is turned off or your power supply is disconnected from the console unit itself. This occurrence is pretty common, indicating the power supply is in standby mode.

What can confuse many users is the fact that the power supply light can still be showing as orange even when the console is switched off. This is usually down to the common occurrence that the power supply is not plugged into the unit correctly. Sometimes it is easy to insert the supply and miss that the cord is not all the way into the socket. In this case, just check your connection. The point where you should start to be concerned is when the power supply light glows orange but the unit won’t turn on at all.

When this happens, you’ll be thinking about Xbox 360 red light repair. There are basic repair steps you can easily take, the first of which would be to turn off your Xbox 360 console and disconnect the power supply cable. Unplug the supply from your wall socket first, and then remove the other end of the cord from your console. Wait a few seconds and then replace the plug into your console and finally once again into the wall socket. If your console will still not turn back on, you’ll need to refer to the troubleshooting steps that you can find in the Microsoft knowledge base article.

In order to prevent this problem from happening in the first place and having to go through Xbox 360 red light repair, keep the following in mind. First, ensure that all of the important ventilation openings in the power supply are free to do their ventilating thing. Make sure that you haven’t placed the unit on a bed or sofa as this can block the ventilation openings that are imperative to the proper running of your console. Lastly, don’t put the power supply in a confined area such as a bookcase or some kind of rack, and also remember to not put it on a stereo speaker or similar heat source. Take good care of your power supply and it will see you through all of your gaming fun.

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