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Tips And Information For Repairing Xbox 360 Heat Issues

That distant scream you can hear is your fellow Xbox users letting out all of the rage after their systems freeze up. Yeah, you know the dilemma I mean. You’re sat bang in the middle of a game or a film on your Xbox 360 and suddenly modern technology does what modern technology does best- it freezes up. Thankfully, we’re on hand with some tips on making sure you don’t have to deal with problems like this too often.

As you’re probably well aware of, heat should be removed from your Xbox in order for it to function correctly. As fast as you start to see the system freeze up or odd artifacts showing up in the graphics, chances are it's time to sort out your console.

There is the chance that game lockups can be caused by DVD issues, but if you are experiencing issues only whilst playing games and in specific spots during the games, you are probably due for a clean-up. With a little care you’ll be able to keep your Xbox 360 in great shape.

When opening the console you're going to get rid of the hard drive whilst leaving the DVD drive, while leaving the rest of the system intact. You need to start by blasting out the heat-sinks with compressed air whilst working your way out. If you have bought a new can of air, use a tiny blast directed away from the system first to avoid spraying out the liquid propellant as you move through your Xbox. You could cause significant damage to the board and electronics by spraying the subzero liquid.

It is necessary to note that the heat generators are circled in red and the cooling inlets and outlets are in blue. From there, you wish to continue spraying compressed air and cleaning the dust from the outside of the board. Ensure you pay close attention to the air holes at the front and sides of the case as these holes can be serious problems leading to repair for Xbox 360 heat issues.

After cleaning the motherboard with compressed air your next step toward repair for Xbox 360 is to get rid of the backing from the heat-sink while placing it squarely on top of the chip. Put firm pressure on the backing for at least two minutes. The last step is to replace the standard power source for the fan with a higher voltage power source. This should improve the fan speed getting shot of the system from freezing up or having any game lockups.

These tips are easier than they sound, they really are. Just take care while looking inside your Xbox 360, and very special care when cleaning it. Follow these steps and you can be sure of a ton more fun to come with you Xbox 360.

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