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Learn to Understand E Errors So You Can Correct Your Xbox 360

So here’s the story. You’re sat enjoying blasting things to Kingdom Come on Halo, and suddenly your screen goes mad and starts to seem fuzzy or discoloured. You hope that it’s just your TV having a ‘moment’ and nothing more serious, then- argh! – the game freezes up completely. This is a common problem that every Xbox 360 gamer around the world dreads. However, fear not! There are a number of ways you can correct your Xbox 360 rather quickly.

What you need to understand is that there are several different reasons why you could be experiencing these problems with your system. Whilst there's one problem in particular that many experience, there are numerous problems you could be dealing with. To help fix your Xbox 360, it is best that you understand the "E" errors better first.

An "E" blunder happens when your Xbox 360 receives one red light in the bottom left hand corner of the circle. Usually this is going to happen after your system has been re-booted. After rebooting the system you will receive one red flashing light and an onscreen error of some sort. These mistakes are signified by an "E" and two numbers.

If you are receiving an E64, E65 or E66 mistake, these are all immediately related to your DVD drive. This may be an issue with your console overheating, but it is important you look online for how you to fix your Xbox 360 when there are DVD drive errors. You can attempt to repair it yourself quickly by simply rebooting the system.

If you are receiving an E67, E68 or an E69 error, these are hard try issues. You can attempt and unplug your drive and play without it or you can attempt to reformat it. If you are going to attempt to reformat it, make sure you have instructions to follow from on the web. A general hardware blunder is going to be signified by an E73 message. This will be caused by problems with the Ethernet or networking port. If you do have an Ethernet cable plugged in, try playing without it to see if it is a controversy with the cable.

The most common problem you will deal with is an E74. The commonest reason for this blunder is as the AV cable is installed incorrectly. You can fix your Xbox 360 and solve this problem by disconnecting it and then reconnecting it. If this is not the difficulty it could be due to a faulty ANA chip or a general hardware blunder related to your system overheating.

There are a huge number of problems you can run into when using your Xbox 360 too much, whether while gaming or watching movies on your console. Before you try and fix any errors at all, make sure you are certain which error has occurred with your Xbox 360, in order to avoid more hassle!

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