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With Dugi's Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide You Can Separate From the WoW Herd.

They don't call it World of Warcrack for nothing. No-one would disagree against the fact World of Warcraft provides both seasoned gamers and casual users with an absorbing challenge. There aren't a lot of games that might offer anything equivalent to the degree of complexity and excitement that you can get out of World Of Warcraft. Whilst battling thru the various levels can prove a problem, Dugi's Ultimate WOW Guide will give you with all the methods, tricks and hints you want to work through from starting to end.

There are 3 parts of this package you will need to look at after purchasing the Ultimate WOW Guide. First up is the Ultimate Leveling and Class Guide. This on its own would be enough to satisfy the average gamer. You'll obtain access to the Alliance 1-80 in-game leveling guide, the web and printable leveling guide, and the old version to help advance thru the levels.

As well as the Alliance leveling guide options, there's also the Horde leveling guide for levels 1-80. The options are exactly the same as in the Alliance leveling guides : you can choose from the in-game option, online and printable versions, or the old version. Ultimately , you can read up on how you to use these leveling guides and how you to power level in one day too!

As far as the class part of this guide goes, there's tons of information for you to peruse with class gear, talent guides and example systems. There are links for you to look at all the levels you want help with including the Rogue level, Hunter level and Druid level too.

Next part up is Dugi's Ultimate WOW guide is the Ultimate Gold and Profession Guide. This facet of the package will show you ways to select quest rewards for gold in all the levels, offer you auction house methods, gold farming tips for levels 30, 40 and sixty, and give you the premium farming spots to help you increase your gold. The Profession Guide will let you in on everything you have to know as regards blacksmithing, cooking, enchanting, tailoring and any other profession the game provides.

The last part of the Guide that may sail you through even the most complicated and advanced levels of World of Warcraft is the Ultimate PVP techniques. This facet of Dugi's Ultimate WOW Guide offers you talent specs, guides, and techniques for many of the game levels. Which levels? Well, many of them include Druid, Priest, Rogue, and Shaman.

Looking for a helping hand with World of Warcraft? All the help you'll ever need is contained in Dugi's Ultimate WOW Guide, packed to bursting with information, hints and guides to everything you might ever dream you may must know with this fascinating and thrilling internet game.


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