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Reduce Your Level Advancement Time With Some World Of Warcraft Hints


It is widely known that few games can match up to World of Warcraft re a challenge for gamers. It takes plan, patience and a fair deal of time to advance your characters through the various levels the game is made from. Fortunately, there are techniques you can cut back on the time and the strain it can take to get you to level 80 in the game.

While not everybody wants to pick the Alliance instead of the Horde, it is a target for every World of Warcraft player to reach level 80 as fast and as painlessly as possible. With the tips laid out here you'll be able to realize just that!

Lesson number one would be to realize that time is your enemy when playing World of Warcraft. The last thing you would like is to waste time hanging around for mana or health. There is no point running from one grave to another as this just notches up more down time for you. It is important that you minimize your down time as much as you can by butchering anything around you that is weaker. You'll be surprised at the amount of little gains that you are able to kill instead of waiting around for a bigger opponent.

The next tip on the list is to make sure you're multi-tasking. As you move through the game you'll find that, as with each other game ever made, things get more hard as you go along. Something many players of World of Warcraft can fall into is the habit of taking things one step at a time. Ad the game increases in difficulty, you really won't have the time or the chance to take things slowly. It is urgent that you accept more than one search at a time if you want to get through the game at a good pace. This will help you cut back your down time a great deal.

Speaking of accepting quests, you can advance either by 'kill and grind' or by accepting quests. While some quests do need you to kill and grind, you may very well be better off accepting the questing and gathering the rewards of more experience, money or other valued items. In order to find quests, keep an eye open for characters with yellow exclamation marks obvious over their heads, as these men are the ones with quests for you.

Our last tip here is to make certain you complete quests that are 2 or 3 levels underneath you instead of those above you. While you will receive smaller amounts of expertise and money etc, you may find that they add up quicker and pose less of a threat to your well-being. You will be dazzled at how much faster you'll be able to make your way through the World of Warcraft game universe with these straightforward but effective tips!


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